5-layer casings

Polyamide, thermoshrinkable, 5-layer casings, produced with use of top quality raw materials through bi-axial orientation. They feature high flexibility and high resistance to mechanical stress during technological processing thus allowing to reduce production waste. In cold-storage conditions they provide attractive appearance and freshness of product as well as protect from weight loss. In our offer You can find:

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Visflex N (Polybar 5®)

Standard general purpose casings

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Visflex ST (Polybar 5® T)

Casings destined for wet pet food, designed for sterilisation process

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Visflex LS (Polybar 5® C)

Casings destined for melted cheese and jams (casing suited for filling with hot-stuffing)

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Visflex HD (Polyround 5®)

Ringed casings, applied for pates, meat spreads

1-layer casings

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Casings destined for cooked (non-smoked) hot-dogs and frankfurters. Produced in nominal calibers 17 – 32 mm

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Smokeable casings in bigger calibers (nominal caliber 32 – 80 mm)

Viskase product line

Product documentation

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