Year 2017 is a very important time in the history of Darmex Casing Sp. z o.o. November this year we celebrate twentieth anniversary of existence on the market. This jubilee is an unique time and opportunity to recall and summarize the two decades of our dynamically growing Company.

Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of products, services and has gained a stable position in the market of artificial casings. Today it has not only improved machinery park and technological know-how, but also a team of experienced employees, which is the driving force for further development of the Company. At present, the Company employs around 100 employees and although each employee has a different work experience and responsibilities, they are bound by their daily co-operation. Thanks to this Darmex Casing Sp. z o.o. is able to provide services at the highest level. The road to a place where company is located right now was not always straight and easy, the more we enjoy common achievements and success. The 20th anniversary of the company's activity is an opportunity not only for celebrations, but also for planning further development. By joining Viskase Inc. in 2016, we have access to high technology, technical solutions, and financial resources for their implementation in our facility.

On the occasion of such important jubilee we would like to thank all our Clients, Business Partners and Suppliers for the past two decades of successful cooperation.

Thank you for your trust in choosing the products and services offered by our company. Your satisfaction is a confirmation of the meaning of our work.

Thank you for your cooperation

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