Dear Customer,

It is my great pleasure to announce, that on December 1st, 2016, Viskase company, a world leader of meat packaging sector, purchased 100% Darmex Casing company shares.

Through including our Company to its structure, which has almost 20 years of experience in plastic casing production, Viskase expands and enriches its casing making capabilities in Poland and Europe. Darmex Casing company on the other hand has gained access to the latest technologies, solutions and services, that are synonymous for reliability and high quality since founding of Viskase, dated 1925.

I wish to inform, that the sales department is still at Your disposal, and what is more, thanks to merging of both Companies you have received easy access to information about products offered by Viskase.

I am profoundly convinced, that merging of both Companies will soon bring you considerable benefits to You thanks to expansion of commercial offer with products of the highest quality.

Adam Szymański
President of the Board

Welcome to our new Darmex Casing Sp. z o.o. website. It has brand new, esthetic and transparent layout. We are confident that it will allow everyone interested find any necessary information.

If You have any suggestions for improving the website or if you would need any additional information placed on it – we wait for your propositions at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any hints will be very valuable and appreciated.

On October 24th, 2016, Darmex Casing achieved certificate of compliance with BRC standard. The certification has been carried out by TÜV Nord, which rated us with AA grade.

Our Company’s response for the increasing market demand for fibrous casing alternative is Polyflex SM casing which offers new quality of product smoking in polyamide casings. Due to its innovative structure and latest technologic solutions the casing enables achievement of required aroma, taste and colour of ready product.
This material is an alternative for fibrous type of casings, and its additional advantage is higher flexibility, barrier and mechanical strength during filling process.
The casing ensures minimum weight loss during cooking and smoking process and its barrier, characteristic for polyamide casings offers longer shelf-life of ready product. It is produced in different colours in calibers 40 – 90 mm.

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